Wednesday, March 29, 2006

FC4 and sound drivers for Intel 915 chipset

I dont have the soundcard enabled for my laptop as yet. have to investigate why cant hear audio on my laptop (Wipro's Little Genius 2200) . i see the sound modules, but dont know what the right set of drivers are!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

RC planes and keychains

A dude from japan should be bak to India for a vacation and i have told him to get me one of those RC planes. This site offers some good deals
Dhruv: onegaishimasu!!!

Also my fav keychain, a mettalic replica of the F14 was grounded recently. After about 4 years of use, its bent and disfigured and beyond repair. tushar, if ur reading this!! thanks Dude! twas a great keychain!! (get the hint!!) :))

Friday, March 17, 2006

Running Linux on a Laptop (Wipro's Little Genius 9220)

Wipro's Little Genius 9220 laptop has the following configuration

I installed Fedora Core 4 without problems. As i booted into Linux, i realised that the resolution was a dismal 800*600 using the generic vesa driver. The laptop has an intel 915 chipset and immediately set about looking for relelvent drivers.

i did the following

1) i downloaded drivers from the site
Result: dint work

2) I downloaded the source from intel linux drivers site for 915
Result: got a compilation error regarding GL

3) I downloaded the rpm from the intel linux drivers site
Result: Yipeeeeee!!! restarted fc4 and i got the 1024*768 resolution
the 1280 resolution i guess is not supported by the lcd monitor

Once the display driver was up, i set about getting the wireless drivers and cards configured.
this was fairly easy.
1) got the ieee80211 code, compiled and installed
2) got the ipw2200 package and got it compiled and installed
3) got the ipw firmware and got it installed
4) did a modprobe ipw2200 and yipee! again!!!!! wireless works too!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

one year ahead

Its almost been a year now since i updated this blog and hmm things have changed now!! im married now and things are very different after being married. hmm being married means having lesser time to spnd time on things like blogging. i should be geting a laptop soon (oh! finally) and i hope to continue blogging more often!