Friday, April 14, 2006

FC5 and vmplayer (vmware) - Update

Ok i finally got vmplayer configured ad running. As i mentioned in the post below, i dint have the FC5 sources. so i downloaded the rpm for the same and installed it.

Running and providing the path to the kernel headers (/usr/src/linux/include) threw me an address space conflit error. googled for the error using the exact phrase and it threw me a number of links. This link has a patch to the to resolve the address space conflict issue.

now my vmplayer runs with win XP. phew a relief!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

FC5 and vmware (vmplayer)

FC5, surprisingly, doesnt come with the kernel headers/sources. this site has the RPMS

i downloaded the kernel-devel and installed it without problems I ran the vmware to setup vmplayer. it asks you for the kernel source tree which is usually /usr/src/linux/include. well mine was /us/src/kernel/fc5-2.6.15...(something like that!), but it the threw me an error saying the address spaces were diferent. wierd message that!! aint sure about what to do.

have seen the /boot and i find that there is also a vmlinuz, that are actually 2.6.16 (not 2.6.15) . will now download the plain vanilla 2.6.16 kernel and use its sources. of course will boot into the 2.6.16 kernel instead.

should update this once i get through vmplayer. i have to!!! coz all my GB's of pst data runs in winxp inside a linux window :)

Fedora Core 5 (FC5) and my laptop (Wipro's Little Genius 2200)

Having gone through the FC4 installation (see below on this page), The Fc5 installation was a breeze.

I dint want to format my HDD. I have 4 partions. the details are as follows
1) 1 with winxp
2) /
3) /opt
4) swap.
I kept the / and /opt partitions as-is. I went in for the upgrade to fc5 option and midway through the installation, there was a problem with a particular KDE package. huh!! so much for the breeze. I couldnt skip the particular package and had to reboot and start all over.
The irritating thing about the FC installtions are you cant skip certain packages when the cd/media has a problem, wonder why it is this way?

I then decided to go in for a new install, which went through without problems. Of course i skipped installing KDE which i tend_and_seem_to_like more than GNOME!

Booted into the more snazzy looking 'Look and Feel' of FC5. The FC5 comes with Firefox 1.5 (thank god!!),. FC4 for some non descript reason was running firfox 1.01.

Display: Works out of the box (not so in FC4)
Wireless: Works out of the box
Sound: Works out of the box (not so in FC4)
Vmplayer: Needs the any-any patch (see this post)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wifey and me!

Ok, im making this new webpage dedicated to my wife, me and our families. lets see how this turns out!!! plan to keep multiple pages and possibly writeups on family members (provided i have the enthusiasm and time)

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BSNL's broadband service

I applied for a BSNL connection about 2 weeks back. I opted for the 250/= p.m plan. they have a 2 month free trial offer which im currently using. i got the connection in 4 days flat. the guy responsible for the installation called and told he sould be home in the evening for the installation. i told him that id be in office and it would be impossible o meet him at the time. i then did the unthinkable..knowing it wouldnt yeild results. i aske him if he could come home immeditaly and get the DSL router installed. Guess What!! he put me on hold for a minute! now the shcoker..told me he'd b home in 15 minutes. 15minutes later i hear the door bell ring. Phew!! BSNL????? Are they getting a makeover?

I got wireless router (Huawei) and i havent yet played around with i as much. i also seem to be getting 4 wireless networks in and around my residence (should be from the routers in my building). Hmmm..interesting...should download airsnort etc and see what i can do :)))

Currently im blogging from the comforts of my bedroom and speeds which i never imajined. My office network sucks and thats the disadvantage of working for a 50000 employee company. you cant get to download stuff that you deem important!!!