Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nokia Morph Concept

The Nokia Morph concept looks so very interesting. The promise that nano technology holds is mind boggling. Have a look at the concept here and the video @

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Diya's favourite songs

Diya seems to like bollywood music a lot. Well she sits in front of the TV for a whole hour in the morning and watches 9XM, a new channel we are getting on cable. The filler jokes in between the songs are quite amusing actually. The "bakwaas bandh kar" bit, Diya loves to hear that. The travel and living channel music, which usually plays every hour or half hour (in between 2 programmes), well thats caught her fancy right from when she was 5-6 months old. She still loves that music and stops doing everything, however busy she is when she listens to the music. Amongst bollywood tunes, she love "Bhool bholiya" ("Hare Ram Hare Ram" song), "Yeh Ishq Kya hai" from Jab We met and "Sajnadi wari wari" from Honeymoon Travels movies.

Also my mobile has the Creed song "One LastBreath" and i have been playing this song to her from the time she was maybe 3 months old. i play this when she has a bath and she does like this song too.