Saturday, March 31, 2007

Maruti Swift blog updates

Id written a few lines about my buying a Maruti Suzuki Swift (Red) some time back and as i analysed my blog hits data, i noticed quite a few have actually read my blog. Anyways here are a few updates on my swift now about 8 months old. Its done 8K plus km and its doing just fine. I havent yet gone on a long drive and its done all the Km's within the city. Its giving me a average of 12KM/Litre. The gears have become very comfortable. As such the gears are much softer than other cars (is what i hear). I am a new driver and well i probably change gears a lil too hard. But 8 months down, i feel they are very smooth. ive done my 2 free services at the 1000KM and the 5000KM mark. Recently i realised that the engine has a higher bhp (its got 87 bhp) than Ford Fiesta (petrol), Honda City, Optra etc...thats way too cool. I guess like million other indians, buying any maruti as your first car is the best bet. Ive had a accident when i was a new driver and well the spares are cheap when you compare them to other cars. Its mostly expensive for the painting, but then thats more or less the same everywhere.

My Swift is a VXi and now its got scratches on all the corners of the car :) i have a difficult basement parking and most of the scratches have come from the parking. i guess ive just got used to it now. Ive driven at 120KMPH on the road to Devanahalli (via yelahanka) just to get a feel of how it feels. it did seem stable. Im dying to get on to a long drive say to chennai (kalpakkam actually).

There is a definite difference when the AC is on or off. Even a novice driver can feel quite a difference. I have no ideas about it is in other cars though. Also when the AC is not on and i switch on the air circulation button, within say 15m there is a peculiar smell. I really have no idea about the cause of this smell though (maybe coz of the hot engine/stale air??)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

12 December 2006

Almost the whole world had suggested that we will end up having a boy. I was probably the only one who always 'knew' that it would be a girl. December 12 2006 at 9.57 AM, our daughter came to this world. It was indeed an amazing feeling. Megz gave birth to our daughter in a normal delivery at the Sagar Apollo Hospital. The 3.5 hours prior to the delivery was probably the most tense period in my life. After the delivery, a nurse informed me about the birth of a baby girl and also told both mother and daughter were fine and doing good. This is what i wanted to hear. i waited for the nurse to bring MY daughter and when i held her for the first time, i dunno it was so different. it was a mixed feeling. A sudden release of all the tension coupled with the joy of being a father. Immediately after that i had to get some formalities completed to get Megz and the baby to a room. Those first few hours after birth are hectic attending phone calls, taking care of wife and baby, getting the right room, helping wife in getting the baby to feed. Its exhausting yet there is so much joy.

At about 4.30 or 5 AM on 12th, Megz began feeling a little uncomfortable and woke me up. The weird feeling she had happened every 5-10 minutes or so. we waited till 6 AM and then called both our doctors (Dr Leela Bhagwan and Dr Usha Menon). Both of them advised us to go to the labour room and get a checkup done. I took out my car and drove Megz and Amma to the Sagar Appollo hospital. It hardly took about 7-10 minutes to reach there from my place early in the morning. At the labour room, the doctor/nurse checked her and after about 15 minutes informed me the megz was in labour and she should deliver in about 2-3 hours. We went to the hospital empty handed and were actually not prepared for this. I couldnt be with Megz during her delivery because there was another delivery in progress in the labour room. Phew! those few hours are etched in memory.

Diya @ 3 months

My big girl Diya