Thursday, June 26, 2008

Firefox has been my mainstay browser for quite some now. There are five Firefox add-ons or plugins that i usually use

1) DownThemAll
2) Sage
3) Zemanta
4) IE Tab
5) Gmail Manager
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

HP Cartridge cost , Pricing and ink levels

I have an HP All-in-one C3188. Its proved to be a worthy buy and i have used it quite a bit. My cartridge's ink seems to be very low now. First thing, i wasn't able to make out the current ink level on the cartridge. On right clicking the HP Printer icon, on the "Printing Preferences" menu, on the features tab, i can see a "Printer Services" button. This button doesn't work when i click on it. Well anyways, i decided to buy a new cartridge. There were 2 options, buy a new one or refill the older oner. I guess the latter is the unofficial way of doing it. I enquired at the BDA complex in Koramangala. There are 4-5 stationary shops there and one of them refilled Black cartridges at Rs125/- and coloured ones at Rs 300/-. As i walked way after the enquiry, he called out for me and said, he would refill both at Rs 350/-. The enquiry for a new cartridge numbers 851 (Apparently i was enquiring for the wrong number, i should have been asking for the number 850 which is compatible with the C3188) was surprising. I got 5 different prices from 5 different shops within the same BDA complex building. Prices varied from Rs 740 to Rs 825. I of course ended up buying the Rs 740 one and then later realized that it was not the correct cartridge. I ended up buying the correct one for 675/- only to later realize that the HP website was offering one for about 8-10 rupees lesser. I'm sure if i'd gone through the entire procedure of finding prices again, i would have got a better deal. This reminded me of the lecture by Dr Preston of Yahoo which i attended at the Leela Palace, Bangalore some months back. A very insightful talk about pricing.
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Monday, June 09, 2008

Bangalore Traffic Status

This website BTIS provides details on the current traffic conditions on roads in Bangalore (and some other cities as well). Alos listed are the routes to the new Airport in devanahalli. Very useful site with details on where the bus stops are.