Monday, September 01, 2008

Google Chrome Vs Firefox

Mozilla Firefox IconImage via Wikipedia Googles official announcement about the impending launch of Chrome, their own scratch up browser. Well what does this do to Firefox? The second ranked browser in terms of market share has never had it going so good. A recent record number of downloads for Firefox 3 and the new features have only added to Firefox'es popularity. Well now with chrome coming out, what does this do with google's association with FireFox? Google being inherently more popular than the Firefox brand, a download chrome link on their main page may get a whole lot of users trying out their new browser. This will of course impact Firefox and even IE, but then users will really decide that. 5 years down the line, will Firefox and chrome compete? will they merge into one? will Firefox fade like how Netscape did? or will users simply reject chrome? Not every Google product is successful and well that might simply be the answer.

OTOH, if chrome is a really good design and can fit into embedded devices as much as it can into PC's them well it may well still be a really successful browser.
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Anonymous said...

I think Firefox is still better in support and extension, but Google Chrome is still in improving, so with a little effort I think Google Chrome can be in the same class as Firefox... Just wait~~~

lee said...

Yeh but all the people still using Internet Explorer are only doing so is because they are the sad majority of pc users who are simply too thick and stupid to download firefox! Considering these people are so stupid I am suprised there arent more people who reply to these african scam emails and fake paypay emails giving them their credit card/paypal account details. I would love to see anyone who honestly prefers Internet Explorer and then I would direct them to the nearist shrink so they can have their head checked.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of people prefer IE Lee. Myself included, a developer of many years experience.
It's simpler and cleaner out of the box.
Now a days the security issues of the past have long gone.
While web developers hate it, it's a standard(good or bad) that has to be met since it has such a huge market share.
So as far as the user is concerned it does just work.

I've downloaded Chrome and I have to say I'm impressed. It's brought some of the features I love from Opera, along with a nice interface that Firefox is years away from matching, and instantly works with all my favourite websites. Is it infinitley expandable no probably not, but then I've never found a use for all those firefox extensions. IE does everything I need out of the box.
FF is just over marketed and driven by fanboys much of the time is my personal belief.

Vaibhav said...

I use FireFox (until very recently) and now I am using Chrome for a lot of things. Here's a comparison I did between the two:

Anonymous said...

As long as IE is killed and rid of once and for all. Doesn't matter if Chrome does it or Firefox does. The way I look at it, Chrome/Firefox/Opera/anyone-except-microsoft will support standards the way it should be and give all developers less headache than we have with IE.

Ameya said...

thanks for the comments.
@ vaibhav: Your blog is great..keep up the good work

MB said...

Isn't Google Chrome just a FireFox mashup? It looks a lot alike...

Ameya said...

Doest it...? Not really i guess, i have been using chrome for some time now and it feels light and its pretty fast at what it does...!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I've been using google chrome for surfing the net since then, love it so much. It's very fast too...

FirefoxvsChrome said...

We've seen Google Products fail, but not this one, Google will give its best shot to get the best out of this. It's one of their biggest blow against M$ and they simply cannot afford to let it fail.

And instead of hitting on Firefox's share they will take more of IE's. Mainly because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Chrome doesn't have addons, and won't have any anytime soon. On the other hand casual users who still use IE also use Google as their primary search, so Google will find a way to make them transfer to Chrome, I can bet on that one.

Anonymous said...


I believe with chrome will take more of firefox market place that IE. People who uses IE will stick with it.

However, Firefox 3 is doing a really good job. Chrome still does not support some java plug ins.

Anonymous said...

To the IE explorer user who sees no use for firefox.....
I like IE. I think it has a bad rep. for no real reason except anti-microsoft bias. But firefox can block all the crap like ads/flash etc. I don't want to see using the add ons, and you can make the interface more user friendly. For example, I can customise exactly how I want the tabs to work. So, if IE happens to have the exact tab system you want, thats fine, but if not, there is nothing to do about it. With firefox you can change it to suit your personal needs.

Anonymous said...

Interesting blogg comparing Chrome to Firefox, although you seem to be very ready to draw conclusions based on uncontrolled tests.

firefox4life said...

Well personally i use and like Mozilla Firefox. I installed chrome and it ran very slowly for me and made Firefox crash alot. The only good thing about it is that IT WAS SUPER EASY TO UNINSTALL!!!!!!!!! Firefox FTW!

Bryan said...

i agree about IE users sticking with what they're familiar with. until someone actually sits down with them and actually shows them how to use it. then they're usually hooked. imo, chrome does indeed blow the doors off of both FF and IE. oh but my test's weren't done in a controlled environment you say?? Ummmm, ok. Who said you need a PHD to draw this conclusion anyway? It's pretty simple you see. Once all possible causes of data skewing, such as malware, system config issues and the like, are eliminated....the results speak for themselves. In 8 out of 10 sessions with java intensive websites, Chrome consistently loaded pages nearly twice as fast as IE, and 20-40% faster with FF.

Ameya said...

@bryan: Agree, but then chrome isnt loading even some google pages...actually the rendering isnt happening. i guess its going to take 6 or more months for some updates and bug fixes and then we should see how fast chrome is still going to be. they will be adding more features, more code...will it remain as fast. i use chrome maybe 20% of the time now...everything else is still in FF.

Bryan said...

yes, i can hardly wait for the updates. and yah, i've exp a few page issues as well. but sure will b addressed as u pointed out. it's just i feel chromes features have a sense of "intelligence" that are imo pure genius. of course there are missing features such as the minimal toolbar w/o home button, etc. but these things most likely will be incorporated in the final product. the app shortcut menu is a nice touch. as is using the "omni bar" to both surf and search, and the new stealth mode is another nifty feat that's been sorely needed. my only real complaints are the heavy memory usage with java pages that plagues most browsers, and the lack of extensions. mainly just ad-blocking and gmail related. d

Kelvin Jones said...

Time will tell.
I have been a Firefox supporter from early on, but since having Vista SP1 issues that cause Firefox to remain running but appear closed, I have temporarily moved to Chrome... I miss the addons and feel that Google will ban advertising blockers in their addons but as a whole I like it a lot.
In the long run I think that regular users like me are more likely to stick to Firefox (once Vista bugs are fixed) whereas I would recommend Chrome to anyone and everyone using the web for general use, faster, simpler and cleaner.
If Google allow free reign on the addons then sorry but good-bye Firefox, thanks for your hard work and excellent browser for the last few years.

Ameya said...

@kelvin: have you seen the aurora project of mozilla....if firefox goes that sure is a winner.

Anonymous said...

Well just consider how slow it would run on their computers. I don't know about Google Chrome but Firefox takes up at least 300K of CPU Usage

Anonymous said...

Well just consider how slow it would run on their computers. I don't know about Google Chrome but Firefox takes up at least 300K of CPU Usage

Bruce Denney said...

I hope that chrome is successful, at least in terms of helping users discover there are better browsers out there.

Firefox has done great things without any real advertising or investment in marketing.

Google is a big brand, it WILL invest heavily in marketing. And we will see is end users can be tempted away from IE in large numbers.

Diversity is our strength, Firefox is a really great browser, and from what I have seen of Chrome it is very good to.

Let the education of the IE user begin.

Ameya said...

@bruce: not to take too much away from IE, IE8 seems to be pretty decent as well. this really hots up things...luring MS users away from IE is going to be difficult coz MS is catching up fast

Raice said...

I have read up on Chrome and from what I've seen it has some very nice features, especially with how it handles its own seperate processes for each tab. As for it taking over IE, I can't say I'm convinced that it will happen. There are far too many users that are either too computer illiterate or don't know the difference between browsers.

I'm a web developer/designer, and I have no trouble making sites and applications cross-browser compatible so that doesn't really affect my judgment on what browser is the best. However, I do think that IE needs to handle markup as it should, and is a bit behind when you compare it to FF or chrome.

I would probably pick Chrome over other browsers, simply because of the way it has been designed, and this is coming from a long-time Firefox user!

emmanuel said...

People are such sell outs and many times just get lost in the hype.Few people have even tested or looked at other browsers they didn't just happen to bump into. Most people just need a browser that works and wont bother downloading another just because of its looks, hence the demise of netscape and the growth of Internet explorer. Netscape later starts the Mozilla project(Open source) around the same time google was born.As long as microsoft and windows continue to exist there it will still be hard for any other browser to overtake internet explorer as very many do not feel the need for installing a feature their operating system already has, plus microsoft are also always working on improving IE. Why go for google chrome...because its faster? Not a good enough reason for an average who just wants to browse the internet has a fast computer and a good internet connection plus with.It looks good? You can skin your firefox to make it look fancy or as cool as you would like it to. I love software and like seeing different implementations and install just about anything that come my way, but the key things to look at are functionality and reliability. Performance too maybe but the to me 0.01 seconds and 0.001 seconds are no different.I'll keep firefox as my main browser because it works for me plus all of chromes best features are available on firefox.I even have a chrome theme on my firefox chromifox.

ynr said...

The only good thing about Google Chrome is that its lighter on system memory! if Firefox do some homework on this part it can surely overcome on chrome!
Chrome use mix engine! where it support vaguely Firefox features; same time it uses Internet Explorer proxy and security settings! also Chrome loads page only when whole contents are downloaded! where Firefox displays items as they are being downloaded! this makes huge differences where speed is concern! especially on slower connections!

currently saying that chrome is better or will be better or overcoming of Firefox is too soon! there aren't any add-ons for chrome (not that I know of) and FireFox supports more then 5000 add-ons!

I believe FireFox won't fade away like NN. however Chrome will certainly benefit from brand GOOGLE but at the end I think chrome will stay in the market as lowfi browser like Opera!
I believe Opera stands third after IE and FF.

John said...

Firefox has three fatal design flaws -- stupid, stupid and stupid. Some yo-yo geek decided to "help" us out by having your bookmarks drop down every time you enter a web address. So now anyone in the world can look at your history and/or bookmarks. I couldn't wait to delete this testament to idiocy from my PC.

Anonymous said...

You should wake up Lee and realise that Chrome will ultimately smoke Firefox and if you're that hard out into it maybe you need to get out more, you know go to the Gym etc. Watch the rise of Chrome and the fall of Firefox.

Anonymous said...

There's NO WAY either of the two browsers are going to fail. I'm a very loyal firefox user and i love it. I install firefox on any machine that i use. Chrome is a pretty slick browser too. Especially for lower end systems as it doesnt use up much system resources. As they're both open source, the ultimate result is going to be a merger of the two.

P.S Why the hell bring IE into this? It's a Chrome Vs. Firefox discussion.

Anonymous said...

my teenage daughter loves CHROME,I usually hear her bitch about how slow the computer is until now. So I give it a A!

Anonymous said...

Actually FF is better than Chrome. I'm currently using chrome and planning going back to FF. FF have better plugins and it loads faster (startup time is the same, but page load time for FF is faster that Chrome.) Maybe i will try Chrome again when it will be out from beta ;)

Anonymous said...

"FF is just over marketed and driven by fanboys much of the time is my personal belief."

LOL, Firefox wins with me and many others due to the wide array of incredible add-ons. As a web developer, the "Firebug" add-on is worth its weight in gold. Need an IE tab in Firefox (for example, to read Outlook web mail) no prob, use the add-on "IETab". Don't like the way your Gmail looks, no problem, use the Stylish add-on to override the CSS. Want to inspect your cookies? Use "Cookie Monster". Want to learn Japanese? Use "Rikaichan". Want to see what time it is in another country? Use "Foxclocks". And on and on and on. It is the add-ons that make Firefox superior to both Chrome and IE in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

In a couple if years, google is going to be as evil, if not more than no brownie points for Chrome....

It's a pretty good product but Firefox is still the way to go thanks to AdblockPlus, a feature chrome will never have....

Anonymous said...

I've used both FF, IE, and Chrome. I use FF most often, being the fastest of the three, and less slow than IE. IE is good for pages that won't work on FF. Chrome is OK, where the tabs function individually is pretty cool, as FF has crashed on me. Overall, FF and Chrome are the best.

boston said...

Hi friends.well i mostly used firefox and nowadays i am still using firefox so i have not the information about google chrome.according to me firefox is best for me.Mostly i am working on Web design services

PD van der Westhuizen said...

I have to say that I use a LOT and I do mean a lot of Firefox extensions. Without it browsing is boring.

Firefox has been and is going to be the top browser for a long time. It's not being over marketed, people use it for what it is. Why would you become a fanboy of a Sh**ty browser?

Anonymous said...

I admit Chrome is Fast! May be even the Fastest...
Will not argue that!

But beyond that.... - IT'S a JOKE.


Anonymous said...

Chrome is adapting to be fully functional with FF's addons. So to all them fanboys that have one last snippet of hope with FF's (or should I say Chrome's lack of) addons, wave it goodbye.

James praker said...

In my opinion Firefox is the better choice as compared to Google chrome most of the web designing people are suing the Firefox browser and its suitable at the moment because the Google chrome is still new and its not very effective yet because of its new infrastructure..

Owais said...

I think chrome is better, because it is slowly slowly expanding itself. firstly it had theme function then extensions and plug-ins are also there which makes it better then firefox and ie8....

James Parker said...

@Owais: I would agree with you partially, because Chrome is not so strong so far and it need time to get mature among web desigers and developers. There are numerous issues of web designing which doesn't resolve in Chrome but in Firefox and IE and yes the Opera!

Anonymous said...

i have to say... if chrome and firefox were comparable in specs, i still would choose FF, since they don;t have thousands of semi-evil loopholes in their policy.

Web Designing said...

Yes Chrome's privacy isn't comparable with Firefox...Did you check Firefox 4.0 Mock ups? It's going to be superb browser ever.

- J.
Web Designing

Web Solutions said...


Good information about Firefox and chrome. There are many differences in these two.

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