Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Nokia E63

Its been a long time since i blogged and 3 long years with my phone, a Z550i from Sony Ericsson. i finally made a move to a business phone and bought a Nokia E63. It was a no-brainer decision for me as this was the cheapest business phone available. 10-11K was the budget i had in my mind and this fitted the bracket perfectly. Im very impressed with its capabilities so far. I have configured Gmail, OviMail, Facebook, Twitter, Nimbuzz IM and found the going easy so far. The QWERT keyboard is quite convenient to use. The hitch so far has been that i havent been able to get the mail for exchange configured with my coprporate exhange servers.

I got the Airtel Weekly Unlimited GPRS connection enabled for Rs 140 (Weekly) and the speeds have been quite good. Yes it going to be costly but im waiting for Nokia to announce their paid messaging service with Airtel (Similar to Blackberry's). I hope it similar to what Airtel-Blackberry offer at Rs 299/- cause a couple of my friends picked up Blackberry phones and avoided a nokia precisely for the lack of push email. Sometimes i wonder what the fuss is..about push and pull. For me a pull client is good enough no?


Kunaal Mahanti said...

pop migh be ok if the number of mails is high, in which case push becomes almost as frequent as a pop server check. also would be great if the whole mail didn't get popped - saves storage

Ameya said...

Whole mail doesnt get popped. It only downloads headers. it will then retrieve the mail if you decide to read it.

Web Design Companies said...

i followed same process but still it could not provide me with my mail activation.